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Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen & Pasi Mäenpää

In: The Shopping Experience

Chapter 6: Shopping in the East Centre Mall

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Shopping in the East Centre Mall
Shopping in the East Centre Mall
Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen and Pasi Mäenpää

In seventeenth-century London there used to be a popular game in which a ball of boxwood was struck with a mallet in an attempt to drive it through a raised iron ring at the end of a playing alley. Both the game and the playing alley were called pall-mall, or simply mall. Thus, the etymological root of the main arena for the contemporary culture of consumption is found in a field of play, and, as we will argue, the spirit inherent in this root is being revitalized in the nature of the shopping mall.

The official opening of the extended East Centre Mall (Kauppakeskus Itäkeskus) in 1992 coincided with the deepest ...

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