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Sociological Viewpoint on the Race-Crime Relationship
Sociological viewpoint on the race-crime relationship
Nicole LeeperPiqueroThe University of Texas at Dallas
Alex R.PiqueroThe University of Texas at Dallas
Eric S.StewartFlorida State University

The relationship between race and crime is on the one hand very strong, at least when considered from the vantage point of official crime statistics. There is a consistency in the data in that minorities—primarily African Americans—are overrepresented in both (serious) offending and correctional statistics. The reason(s) underlying this overrepresentation, however, are neither well documented nor fully understood. The lack of a consensus has led some commentators to view the disparity as a function of (a) differential involvement in serious offending by minorities that brings them to the attention of formal criminal justice authorities, (b) differential enforcement by criminal ...

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