The Condition of Citizenship


Edited by: Bart van Steenbergen

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  • Politics and Culture: A Theory, Culture & Society series

    Politics and Culture analyses the complex relationships between political institutions, civil society and contemporary states. Individual books will draw on the major theoretical paradigms in sociology, politics and philosophy within which citizenship, rights and justice can be understood. The series will focus attention on the importance of culture and the implications of globalization and postmodernism for the study of politics and society. It will relate these advanced theoretical issues to conventional approaches of welfare, participation and democracy.

    SERIES EDITOR: Bryan S. Turner, Deakin University


    J.M. Barbalet, Australian National University

    Mike Featherstone, University of Teesside

    Stephen Kalberg, Boston University

    Carole Pateman, University of California, Los Angeles

    Also in this series

    Welfare and Citizenship

    Beyond the Crisis of the Welfare State?

    Ian Culpitt

    Citizenship and Social Theory

    edited by Bryan S. Turner


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    Hans Adriaansens is Professor of General Social Sciences at the University of Utrecht and member of The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy. He is the author of General Sociology (1985) and Participation State (1990).

    Attila Agh is Professor of Political Science at the Budapest University of Economics. He is author of The Crisis of State Socialism in the Eighties (1990).

    Ralf Dahrendorf is Warden of Saint Antony's College in Oxford. He is author of The Modern Social Conflict (1988) and Reflections on the Revolution in Europe (1990).

    Richard Falk is Professor of International Relations at Princeton University and Research Director of the World Order Models Project. He is author of A Study of Future Worlds (1975) and Explorations at the Edge of Time: Prospects for World Order (1992).

    Nancy Fraser is Professor of Philosophy and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research at Northwestern University. She is author of Unruly Practices (1989) and the co-editor of Revaluing French Feminism (1988).

    Linda Gordon is Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin. Among her books are Woman's Body, Woman's Right: a Social History of Birth Control; Heroes of their own Lives: the Politics of Family Violence; and Pitied but not Entitled: Single Mothers and the History of Welfare (1994).

    Herman van Gunsteren is Professor of Theory and Jurisprudence at the University of Leiden. He is the author of ‘The quest for control’ in Ethics, July 1988 and co-author of Time for Retirement (1991).

    Jürgen Habermas is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Frankfurt. He is author of The Theory of Communicative Action (1989) and The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere (1989).

    Bart van Steenbergen is Associate Professor of General Social Sciences at the University of Utrecht. He is co-author of Advancing Democracy and Participation: Challenges for the Future (1992) and ‘Scenarios for Europe in the 1990s: the role of citizenship and participation’ in Futures, November 1990.

    Bryan S. Turner is Professor of Sociology at Deakin University. He is author of Citizenship and Capitalism (1986) and ‘Outline of a theory of citizenship’ in Sociology, May 1990.

    Ursula Vogel is Senior Lecturer in Government at the University of Manchester. She is co-editor of Feminism and Political Theory (1986) and of The Frontiers of Citizenship (1991) and author of ‘Patriarchal reasoning in modern natural law’ in History of Political Thought (1991).

    William Julius Wilson is the Lucy Flower University Professor of Sociology and Public Policy at the University of Chicago. He is author of The Truly Disadvantaged (1987) and The Declining Significance of Race (1978).

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