The Asperger Personal Guide: Raising Self-Esteem and Making the Most of Yourself as an Adult with Asperger's Syndrome


Genevieve Edmonds & Dean Worton

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    About the Authors

    Genevieve Edmonds is a 25 year old with ‘residual’ Asperger's syndrome, which she views as a significant gift. She works as an associate of the Missing Link Support Service Ltd. in Lancashire, supporting those ‘disabled by society’ including individuals with ASD. She speaks and writes frequently in the field of Autism, along with giving training, workshops and soon counselling. She aims to empower those with ASD, carers and professionals in the understanding of Asperger's syndrome as a difference rather than an impairment. She lives and works in a solution-focused way and is based in north-west England.

    Dean Worton is a 33 year old high functioning individual with a very positive expression of Asperger syndrome. He runs a successful UK-based website for adults with Asperger's syndrome and hosts real life meet-ups around the UK for its members. His key interest is in encouraging adults to live positively and successfully with the gifts that Asperger's syndrome provides. He also works in administration and resides in north-west England.


    Genevieve: To Gracie, Dan and all the horses I have ever loved.


    Again to Luke Beardon for doing not one but three excellent forewords; same to Andrew for photography. Also to Vicky, Mike, Giles, Mark, Mand and Judy for your rich and insightful case studies.

  • Useful Contacts and Ways Forward

    The Missing Link Support Services Ltd.
    For Individuals

    Counselling, psychotherapy, diagnosis, social group, assessment social skills, specific individual support, advocacy, employment support

    For Professionals

    Training, consultation, workshops

    For Carers

    Training, consultation, counselling, individual support



    Asperger's Syndrome Websites

    Discussion forums, chat rooms, real life meet-ups for AS adults in the UK and Ireland

    Mental Health Contacts


    Support for depressed, upset, anxious, confused, or suicidal individuals in the UK

    Telephone: 08457 909090 (low cost call)


    UK Mental Health Helpline

    Tel: 0845 7678000

    NHS Direct

    Support from trained nurses

    0845 46 47

    Republic of Ireland

    Samaritans 1850 609090


    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24 hours a day, toll free Tel: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)



    Tel: 08 93 81 5555

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