Study Skills for Health and Social Care Students


Claire Craig

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    I dedicate this book to Carol and Nicola – the two greatest friends a girl could have


    This book would not have been possible without the help and support of my many students who have so generously given their time and shared their ideas and experiences. Particular thanks to Angela Bedson, Helen Brown and Helen Saunders for their enthusiasm, wisdom and for transporting me back to my student days.

    Thank you to Chris Glover from the Learning and Teaching Institute at Sheffield Hallam University and occupational therapist Janet Ulman, who gave up their time to read through and comment on drafts of the text, and to Patrick Brindle from SAGE for all his help, encouragement and for turning the dream into a reality.

    I would like to reserve a special thanks to my amazing husband Neil, who has patiently navigated this journey with me and has shared his creative talents, providing the illustrations that accompany this book. And to Eddie for patiently foregoing many walks while I was sitting at the computer.

  • Endings and New Beginnings

    Learning is a journey for which there is never really an end. As soon as you arrive at your destination you will realise that there is another adventure to look forward to: a new country to navigate, another path to follow. As the final chapter has illustrated, health and social care practice is very much like this. You will arrive at the end of your training, hopefully succeed in gaining your dream job and discover a range of new and exciting challenges you will strive to meet, different places to go, new things to try.

    I hope that this book has helped build your confidence and equipped you with skills that will enable you to move to the next exciting chapter of your career, to climb the highest mountains and to go on to wherever you choose.

    Fellow traveller, thank you for your company. It has been a pleasure.

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