Social Work with Adults


Jim Rogers, Lucy Bright & Helen Davies

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    About the Authors

    Jim Rogers is a senior lecturer in health and social care at the University of Lincoln. He completed professional training as a mental health nurse and worked in that capacity for over twelve years in a range of hospital and community settings. He now co-ordinates the institution's training programmes for approved mental health professionals and best interests assessors. He has conducted research on the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards with care homes in the region and has a strong interest in issues relating to mental health and mental capacity. Jim co-wrote a text for Learning Matters – Social Work in a Digital Society – and has also published academic work relating to complementary therapies, social work and gambling problems, and personal health budgets.

    Lucy Bright completed her Masters/Diploma in Social Work in 1993. Since then she has worked in a wide variety of social work settings with adults, as well as spending four years working for a solicitor and specialising in mental health law. Lucy currently works as a best interests assessor and has a particular interest in the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and how these have been working in practice since their implementation in 2009.

    Helen Davies qualified as a social worker in 1986 and has taught social work students since 1999, while continuing in practice in statutory and voluntary services with adults with learning disabilities. As one of four social work co-ordinators at the Independent Living Fund, she led its work in Wales and Northern Ireland. Helen's current role as senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln includes supporting students to make constructive links between theory and practice.


    Authorship is often perceived as a solitary endeavour, but it is rarely so. In the case of a co-authored book such as this, debates, discussions and critique of material throughout the gestation period have helped the three of us arrive at something we hope is greater than the sum of three individual parts.

    We are grateful to each other for the support during the challenges this process involved. We also wish to express gratitude to colleagues in the worlds of both education and practice who have discussed issues and cases, and stimulated our thinking in relation to the issues in the text. Equally, we are grateful to the many students, on both our undergraduate and post graduate courses, who have engaged with, discussed, and written about these issues.

    Helen would like to dedicate this book to Bill and Elsie Davies, appreciatively; Lucy to the service users who have informed and inspired her; and Jim to his family for support and wise guidance.

  • Appendix 1 Professional Capabilities Framework

    Professional Capabilities Framework Diagram Reproduced with Permission of the College of Social Work.

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