Rethinking Educational Leadership: Challenging the Conventions


Edited by: Nigel Bennett & Lesley Anderson

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  • Published in Association with the British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society

    This series of books published for BELMAS aims to be directly relevant to the concerns and professional development needs of emergent leaders and experienced leaders in schools. The series editors are Professor Harry Tomlinson, Leeds Metropolitian University and Dr Hugh Busher, School of Education, University of Leicester.

    Titles include:

    Developing Educational Leadership: Using Evidence for Policy and Practice (2003)

    Edited by Lesley Anderson & Nigel Bennett

    Performance Management in Education: Improving Practice (2002)

    Jenny Reeves, Pauline Smith, Harry Tomlinson and Christine Ford

    Strategic Management for School Development: Leading your School's Improvement Strategy (2002)

    Brian Fidler

    Subject Leadership and School Improvement (2000)

    Hugh Busher and Alma Harris with Christine Wise

    Living Headship: Values and Vision (1999)

    Edited by Harry Tomlinson

    School Culture (1999)

    Edited by Jon Prosser

    School Improvement After Inspection? School and LEA Responses (1998)

    Edited by Peter Earley

    Policy, Leadership and Professional Knowledge in Education (1998)

    Edited by Michael Strain, Bill Dennison, Janet Ouston and Valerie Hall

    Managing Continuous Professional Development in Schools (1997)

    Edited by Harry Tomlinson

    Choices for Self-managing Schools: Autonomy and Accountability (1997)

    Edited by Brian Fidler, Sheila Russell and Tim Simkins


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    We wish to express our sincere thanks to Tina McCay for her work on this manuscript and to Marianne Lagrange and Saleha Nessa of Sage Publications for their support and assistance throughout the preparation of the book. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by BELMAS for the preparation of the index.

    Series Editor's Preface

    Nigel Bennett and Lesley Anderson were instrumental in organizing the highly successful BELMAS (British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society) International Research Conference in 2000. The conference papers have been revized and restructured to provide two complementary edited books, the first on evidence-informed practice, and this book Rethinking Educational Leadership: Challenging the Conventions. The two editors have asked the authors to rewrite their conference papers to more fully address the themes of this book. Four of the chapters were specially commissioned for this book. Educational leadership has been given even higher political and educational priority by the establishment of a National College for School Leadership and plans for the provision of similar support for further education leaders and leadership. In this centralizing context it is particularly important that conventional thinking on leadership is challenged.

    The authors who have contributed to this book are all leading thinkers internationally. The introduction explores the current context and debate about leaders and leadership. The first section presents four alternatives to the current conventional theorizing about educational leadership. The second section explores the significance of these four models by asking six leading researchers to consider their empirical research evidence and its relationship to them. In section 3 the two chapters examine the implications of alternative views of leadership for professional preparation. The final chapter offers a critique of all the theoretical perspectives and attempts to structure their relationships through a mapping process. There is a right, and indeed a necessity, to challenge the approved in a political context where the rhetoric is of empowerment but the practice is greater authoritarianism. Given the central significance of leadership, and a tendency to devalue theory and research, Nigel Bennett and Lesley Anderson are to be congratulated on providing a collection which has such a clear, simple and effective structure, and on editing and focusing so successfully a book which should be read by all those who might otherwise accept the current orthodoxy. That means those who exercise educational leadership.

    Professsor HarryTomlinson

    Biographical Notes

    Lesley Anderson is a Lecturer in the Centre for Educational Policy and Management at the Open University.

    Nigel Bennett is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Educational Policy and Management at the Open University.

    Megan Crawford is a Senior Lecturer in School and Teacher Development at the University of Warwick.

    Christopher Day is Professor of Education and Co-director of the Centre for Research on Teacher and School Development at the School of Education, University of Nottingham.

    Peter Gronn is currently Associate Dean (Development) in the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Melbourne.

    J. Tim Goddard is an associate professor in the Graduate Division of Educational Research, Faculty of Education, University of Calgary.

    Helen Gunter is Reader in Educational Leadership and Management in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham.

    Lynne M. Hannay is Professor in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education and Head of the Midwestern Field Centre at the Ontario Institute for Studies of Education of the University of Toronto.

    Alma Harris is Professor of School Leadership and Director of the Leadership, Policy and Improvement Unit at the Institute of Education, University of Warwick.

    Dian-Marie Hosking is Professor of Development and Change in the Department of Organizational Studies, the University of Tilburg, Netherlands.

    Jane McGregor was a secondary school teacher for many years before being awarded the TES Research Fellowship in Educational Policy at Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge. She is now completing a PhD at the Open University.

    Ian E. Morley is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Warwick.

    John O'Neill is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social and Policy Studies in Education at Massey University, New Zealand.

    Rodney T. Ogawa is Professor of Education at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    Peter Ribbins is Emeritus Professor in Educational Management at the University of Birmingham and visiting Professor at the University of Leicester.

    Christine Wise is a Lecturer in the Centre for Educational Policy and Management at the Open University.

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