Regulating the Health Professions


Edited by: Judith Allsop & Mike Saks

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  • Regulation and the Health Industry

    In recent years the health professions have been subject to unprecedented regulatory changes. Exposure of poor practice has provoked widespread criticism of self-regulation and calls for a system in which the interests of healthcare consumers and employers are more fully recognised. Examining the historical and contemporary context, this topical book provides an in-depth analysis of professional self-regulation and the implications of regulatory change for the future of healthcare.

    • Part One sets out general regulatory issues in the healthcare arena, with chapters covering the impact of globalization on the professions; the purpose of professional regulation; the legal context of regulation; and the significance of professional codes of ethics.
    • Part Two explores issues specific to the different professions through chapters on medicine, nursing, dentistry, the professions allied to medicine, clinical psychology and alternative medicine.

    Regulating the Health Professions will be of interest to students, educators and researchers in a wide range of disciplines including sociology, social policy, politics and health studies, and to healthcare professionals and their managers.

    Judith Allsop is Professor of Health Policy of De Montfort Universtiy. Mike Saks is Professor and Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Lincoln.


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    The editors would like to thank all of the contributors for the very positive and responsive way in which they have engaged with us in the construction of this volume. Thanks also go to a number of other colleagues for their advice – not least Anthony Hazzard on the ethical aspects of professional regulation and Louis Orzack on the international regulatory framework. Finally, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our families, without whose support this book would not exist.


    Professor Judith Allsop is Professor of Health Policy at De Montfort University. She has written widely on health policy, complaints and the health professions. Her recent books include Health Policy and the NHS and Regulating Medical Work (with Linda Mulcahy). She is currently researching health consumer groups and the national policy process. She was a member of the Cabinet Office Complaints Task Force and a special adviser to the House of Commons Health Committee on adverse events.

    Professor Rob Baggott is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Health Policy Research Unit at De Montfort University. His main research interests are health service reform, public health policy, pressure group politics and public participation. His publications include Health and Health Care in Britain, Pressure Groups Today and Public Health: Policy and Politics.

    Professor Celia Davies is Professor of Health Care at the Open University and writes on health and social care policy and organization. She has recently completed a history of the regulation of nursing in the UK, entitled Interpreting Professional Self-Regulation (with Abigail Beach). She is currently researching lay participation in the regulatory bodies across the health field.

    Professor Gerry Larkin is Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Science and Law at Sheffield Hallam University. He has written extensively on both historical and contemporary issues related to health professions. His books include Occupational Monopoly and Modern Medicine and Health Professions and the State Europe (with Terry Johnson and Mike Saks).

    Professor Michael Moran is Professor of Government at the University of Manchester and editor of Government and Opposition. His most recent publications include Governing the Health Care State: A Comparative Study of the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. From 2000 to 2002 he held a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship to conduct a study of the British regulatory state.

    Professor David Pilgrim is Head of Adult and Forensic NHS Psychology Services in Preston, Lancashire, and Professor of Mental Health in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work at the University of Liverpool. His books include Clinical Psychology Observed (with Andy Treacher) and A Sociology of Mental Health and Illness (with Anne Rogers).

    Professor David Price is Professor of Medical Law at De Montfort University. He researches and teaches medical law. His main research areas include organ and tissue transplantation, euthanasia and abortion. He is the author of Legal and Ethical Aspects of Organ Transplantation and has been a member/chair of various national and international committees. Most recently he was a member of the Steering Committee for the Health Support Workers Project funded by the Department of Health.

    Professor Mike Saks is Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Lincoln. He has written widely on professional regulation, particularly in the health field and been a member/chair of a variety of NHS committees at national, regional and local level. His most recent books include, amongst others, Professions and the Public Interest, Health Professions and the State in Europe (with Terry Johnson and Gerry Larkin), and Complementary Medicine: Challenge and Change (with Merrijoy Kelner, Beverly Wellman and Bernice Pescosolido).

    Julie Stone is Senior Lecturer in Ethics and Law Applied to Medicine at St Bartholemews and the London Hospital. A lawyer by background, she has just completed a period as Visiting Scholar in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii. Her main longstanding research interest is in the regulation of complementary and alternative therapies, a field in which she is the author of Complementary Medicine and the Law (with Joan Mathews) and An Ethical Framework for Complementary and Alternative Therapists.

    Dr Nicki Thorogood is Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the Health Promotion Research Unit of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has published in a number of areas, including the sociology of the body and public health and health promotion. She is author of Analysing Health Policy: Sociological Approaches (with Judy Green). She has a longstanding interest in the profession of dentistry and is currently researching the relationship between gender and dentistry.

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