Radical Conservatism and the Future of Politics


Göran Dahl

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    Most of this book was written during a six-month stay in the USA in 1997. Being in Lawrence, Kansas, provided me with an excellent infrastructure. The friendly people, the excellent University Library and the enthusiastic people at the Sociology Department made the hard work feel like doing something interesting and important. My gratitude goes to The University of Kansas, The Fulbright Commission and The Bank of Sweden Tercentary Foundation whom, together, made this stay possible.

    Many people have read the manuscript or part of it. Among those, I wish to say thank you especially to Robert Antonio and Mohamed El-Hodiri in Lawrence, Carl-Goran Heidegren and Jonathan Friedman in Lund, Frederik Stjernfelt in Copenhagen and Conny Mithander in Karlstad. The book would have been less informative if ‘radical conservatives’ like Henning Eichberg, Armin Mohler and Günther Maschke had been unwilling to talk to me. These three gentlemen especially showed me respect, generosity and warmth during long talks.

    Chris and Robert Rojek at Sage have been positive and enthusiastic since the beginning of the project, and the book would not have been written at all if Mike Featherstone, the editor of Theory, Culture & Society, had not suggested that I do so. Thank you Mike!

    Small parts of the book have been published earlier. Chapter 3 is published in a slightly different version in Spaces of Cultures, edited by Mike Featherstone and Scott Lash (London: Sage, 1998); pieces of my article ‘Will “the Other God” Fail Again? On the Possible Return of the Conservative Revolution’, Theory, Culture & Society (1996, vol. 13: 25–50) appear here and there in the text. I acknowledge Sage Publications for permission to use this material in this volume.

    Last but not least my deepest gratitude to Pia, my wife, and our lovely kids Hanna and Joel who had the patience to leave me alone during long and lonely late evenings with my thoughts, computer and gallons of coffee.

    GöranDahlLund University
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