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The Brain and Consciousness
The brain and consciousness
P.M. S.Hacker

What is important about depicting anomalies precisely? If you cannot do it, that shows that you do not know your way around the concepts. (Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1977, p. 72)

Bogus Mysteries and Bogus Questions

It seems a truth universally acknowledged that consciousness is a mystery. Francis Crick (Nobel laureate) and his colleague Christhof Koch (a neuroscientist) inform us that consciousness is ‘the most mysterious aspect’ of the mind/brain problem (Crick & Koch, 1992, p. 111). Eric Kandel (Nobel laureate) and his neuroscience colleagues T. D. Albright, T. M. Jessel, and M. I. Posner announce that ‘Perhaps the greatest unresolved problem … in all of biology, resides in the analysis of consciousness’ (Albright, Jessel, Kandel, & Posner, 2000, p. §40). ...

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