One Little Finger


Malini Chib

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    This book is dedicated to my mother.

    Mother, Thank you For constantly pushing me all my life, For always being therefor me, For making your life centric to me. Thank you for sharing and giving me so much, Motivating me and giving me a full life.

    This book would have not been possible without your support.

    In Memory of

    My nephew Ishan Bose-Pyne, who left us at the age of 16 through an accident in Los Angeles, while I was finishing my last chapter. He loved sitting on my wheelchair and whizzing around Regents’ Park and feeding the squirrels with me, not at all fazed out or scared of falling. I loved carrying him like that, it was my first experience of being a mother and holding a child, he will always remain with me.


    Although I managed to finish this book, it was a long arduous effort, and there is a tale to tell. It needed quite a bit of editing from several people. The book would not have been possible without the support and help of my mother, Mithu Alur. At the same time, the finalization of endless proof-reading and corrections was possible because of the indefatigable work it received from my friend, Theresa D'Costa, and Lucas Baretto's secretarial help.

    I would like to acknowledge and thank the SAGE team for making this book happen—Sugata Ghosh for believing in this project, my deep thanks and appreciation to Rekha Natarajan for her skilled editing. It was a great experience working with them. Thank you for all your assistance.

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