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The Postmodernist Challenge
The postmodernist challenge

Postmodernism and poststructuralism1 comprise feminism's third difference: a difference within woman. Some see this as a difference between individual women: I tend to think it means a ‘difference within’, the fragmentation of, the self. Both are relevant to feminism's project; I see the second, some view both, as antithetical to its cause.

Postmodernism challenges both equality, and ‘difference’ as employed so far: as sex or gender based, and as existing between female groups. Rather than attempt to define it fully, I single out aspects crucial to feminist thought. I discuss in turn postmodernism's rejection of ‘grand narratives’, and its relativism; différance and deconstruction; and the ‘death of the subject’. I begin with the grand narrative.

Postmodernists proclaim the end of, an end ...

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