Culture and Identity: Critical Theories


Ross Abbinnett

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  • A Theory, Culture & Society Series

    Politics and Culture

    Politics and Culture analyses the complex relationships between civil society, identities and contemporary states. Individual books will draw on the major theoretical paradigms in politics, international relations, history and philosophy within which citizenship, rights and social justice can be understood. The series will focus attention on the implications of globalization, the information revolution and postmodernism for the study of politics and society. It will relate these advanced theoretical issues to conventional approaches to welfare, participation and democracy.

    SERIES EDITOR: Bryan S. Turner, University of Cambridge


    Jack Barbalet, University of Leicester

    Mike Featherstone, Nottingham Trent University

    Engin Isin, York University

    Stephen Kalberg, Boston University

    Andrew Linklater, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

    Carole Pateman, University of California, Los Angeles

    Tony Woodiwiss, City University, London

    Also in this series

    Virtual Politics

    Identity and Community in Cyberspace

    edited by David Holmes,

    Gender and Nation

    Nira Yuval-Davis

    Feminism and Citizenship

    Rian Voet

    Citizenship and Identity

    Engin F. Isin and Patricia K. Wood

    Culture and Citizenship

    edited by Nick Stevenson

    Interpreting Islam

    edited by Hastings Donnan


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    I would like to extend my thanks to the following people. To Sian, for her willingness to proof read the endless ‘draft copies’ I produced. To Keith Tester, for his sound advice on the scope of the project. To Chris and Robert Rojek at Sage Publications, for their help in getting the manuscript into production. Thanks are also due to the School of Cultural Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University, whose funding of my recent sabbatical allowed me finally to complete this book.


    For my parents


    There is change, and departure: but there is also help when least looked for from the strangers of the day, and hiding, out among the accidents of this drifting Humility, never quite to be extinguished, a few small chances for mercy…

    ThomasPynchon, Gravity's Rainbow
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