Contested Natures


Phil Macnaghten & John Urry

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  • Theory, Culture & Society

    Theory, Culture & Society caters for the resurgence of interest in culture within contemporary social science and the humanities. Building on the heritage of classical social theory, the book series examines ways in which this tradition has been reshaped by a new generation of theorists. It will also publish theoretically informed analyses of everyday life, popular culture, and new intellectual movements.

    EDITOR: Mike Featherstone, Nottingham Trent University


    Roy Boyne, University of Durham

    Mike Hepworth, University of Aberdeen

    Scott Lash, Lancaster University

    Roland Robertson, University of Pittsburgh

    Bryan S. Turner, Deakin University


    The Theory, Culture & Society book series, the journals Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society, and related conference, seminar and postgraduate programmes operate from the TCS Centre at Nottingham Trent University. For further details of the TCS Centre's activities please contact:

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    Recent volumes include:

    Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Theory

    Critical Investigations

    Bridget Fowler

    Re-Forming the Body

    Religion, Community and Modernity

    Philip A. Mellor and Chris Shilling

    The Shopping Experience

    edited by Pasi Falk and Colin Campbell

    Undoing Aesthetics

    Wolfgang Welsch

    Simmel on Culture: Selected Writings

    edited by David Frisby and Mike Featherstone


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    To Miranda

    In memory of Wilga Urry


    We would like to express our special thanks to Robin Grove-White and Greg Myers.

    We would also like to thank Nick Abercrombie, Barbara Adam, Alison Anderson, Jacqui Burgess, Manuel Castells, Gordon Clark, Alan Costall, Carol Crawshaw, Éric Darier, Jan Darrall, Sarah Franklin, Ann Game, Ken Hahlo, Mike Jacobs, Kate Lamb, Scott Lash, Sue Mayer, Mike Michael, Martin O'Brien, Sue Penna, Graham Pinfield, Steve Reicher, John Scott, Simon Shackley, Peter Simmons, Jackie Stacey, Bron Szerszynski, Floris Tomasini, Mark Toogood, Sylvia Walby, Claire Waterton, Patrick Wright and Brian Wynne.

    The book reports on quite a considerable body of research undertaken over the last three to four years. Chapter 2 benefited from a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship on ‘The cultural significance of contemporary British environmentalism’; Chapter 6 from an ESRC project on ‘Tourism and the environment’ and from a CPRE-sponsored project on ‘Leisure landscapes’; and Chapter 7 from an ESRC project on ‘Public rhetorics of sustainability’ and a Lancashire County Council sponsored project on ‘Public perceptions and sustainability in Lancashire’. We are very grateful for this support.

    For offering useful insights into the history of contemporary environmentalism we would especially like to thank Tom Burke, Sue Clifford, Nigel Haigh, Chris Hall, Peter Melchett, Jonathan Porritt and Chris Rose.

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