10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom: A Transformational Approach


Bramwell Osula & Renae Ideboen

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    Dedicated to inspirational classroom leaders everywhere.

    Bramwell Osula

    I dedicate this book to my husband John, and daughters Alyssa and Hanna.

    They are my constant joy and inspiration.

    Renae Ideboen

    List of Tables

    • 5.1 My Beginning Grudge Plan 68
    • 6.1 Key Questions 73
    • 6.2 Developing My Goals 80
    • 6.3 My Daily Action Plan 82
    • 9.1 Two Views of Trust 115
    • 9.2 Communication and Trust 116
    • 9.3 Overcoming Poor Communication and Negativity 118
    • 9.4 The Pull and Push of Transformation 119
    • 9.5 Linking Trust and Respect 122
    • 9.6 Resolving Our Issues 124
    • 11.1 Harvesting Belonging and Respect—4 Steps 148
    • 12.1 Key Strategies 163

    List of Figures

    • 6.1 Communication: The Interlocking Mechanism in the Classroom 75
    • 6.2 Values: The Mediator of Effective Classroom Communication 75
    • 9.1 The Journey from Caring to Transformation 119
    • 9.2 Building Trust 125
    • 11.1 Belonging and Respect 148


    This book would not have been possible without the patience, dedication, and support of family members, friends, colleagues, and associates. To name each of these would be a monumental task, and some would be inevitably left out. None of these people are responsible for the ideas expressed in this book or any errors that may be found. These remain entirely with the authors.

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    About the Authors

    Bramwell Osula is Assistant Professor at School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneur-ship, Regent University, Virginia, USA. He is also an applied human services practitioner with a wealth of experience that cuts across the arenas of leadership education, training, community development, and consultant management.

    Dr Osula holds a PhD in Sociology and is an avid student of cultural institutions, human dynamics, and popular culture. His particular approach builds on real-life situations and needs, current knowledge, a variety of theoretical and methodological “standards,” and cross-cultural thinking. His teaching, research, and consulting practice is considerable, as is his international expertise—resulting from living explorations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, the United States, and Europe.

    Dr Osula is active in a variety of leadership and other programs as a professor, consultant, trainer, and mentor. He is a frequent participant in and organizer of training workshops and professional development seminars. His interests include: leadership development, organizational diagnosis, consulting theory and practice, ethics, coaching, global leadership, cross-cultural analyses, security, and public policy.

    Prior to joining the faculty at Regent University, Virginia, USA, Dr Osula served as Director of Business Development for an IT consulting firm (Cognizant Technology Solutions). He was also an adjunct faculty member at the College of Saint Elizabeth, New Jersey, and The City University of New York (College of Staten Island). He is the Editor of the Journal of Practical Consulting and member of the Editorial Board of the African Journal of Marketing Management (AJMM).

    Rvenae Ideboen is an educator and leadership consultant. She currently teaches and writes curriculum based on the developing principles of transformational leadership and strategic communication. She is an instructor at Judson University, Elgin, USA, and a conference speaker.

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